Choosing the perfect sunglasses can be quite confusing. There are many factors that can influence the choice of glasses. But the most important thing is to know your face shape. That way, the rest is easy.

If you don’t know your face shape yet, don’t worry. You can exam your facial features is easy. We have prepared a simple and detailed guide for you: 3 easy steps to determine the shape of your face. This guide will help you find your face shape right away.

If you have an oval face shape, you need to be very careful. Sunglasses that are best suited for an oval face shape accentuate the various characteristics of the face and accentuate the unique facial contours to make your appearance more attractive. Do you want to know what they are? The best sunglasses for an oval face are: Aviator Sunglasses, Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Square Sunglasses, Geometric Sunglasses, Bold Oversized Sunglasses, Round Sunglasses, Dsquared Sunglasses, Browline Sunglasses, Clubmaster Sunglasses and Wayfarer Sunglasses.

Characteristics of an Oval Face Shape

An oval face is defined by the 4 characteristics below:

1- A face length greater than the width of the cheekbones.

2- Longer cheekbones.

3- A jawline chin slimmer than the forehead.

4- The angle of the jaw is rounded rather than sharp.

The good news is that if you have an oval face shape, choosing the best sunglasses will not prove to be difficult as most styles and shapes will look flattering on you! On the contrary to other face shapes, you will be lucky to find that most sunglasses suit your face and balance out well your different features.

Generally, an upward curved frame balances the cheekbones and reduces the jawline. We also offer frames close to square and rectangular shapes. This is explained in more detail below.

?What are The Best Sunglases for an Oval Face Shape

We know you’ve been to tons of stores asking for the best eyeglass shape for an oval face, but you probably won’t get an exact answer. Now, everything will change. Finding the right eyeglass shape for an oval face is easy if you study your facial features.

However, there are other factors to consider, such as hair color, eye color, and lifestyle. Let’s not wait any longer.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are the best frame for oval faces. They provide the perfect balance for an oval face. Try the aviator style transformation with Leo sunglasses with slim dark frames.

If you’re looking for a classic aviator shape with a modern twist, the Runner sunglasses are for you. Eye-catching tortoiseshell double bars and slim bee arms create a bold silhouette. On the lens side, the Runner features luxurious dark green polarized lenses that give it a luxurious yet vintage feel.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

For a unique take on classic cat-eye sunglasses, choose a bronze or tortoise-shell frame like the Stella cat-eye tortoiseshell sunglasses. Katya is in the form of a frame with an oval face. What’s more, these sunglasses are fashionable and eco-friendly, giving them an attractive look that suits their oval face shape.

If you prefer dark shades of sunglasses, opt for the gold metal Willow cat-eye sunglasses for a bold and elegant winged look! You can also opt for Selena sunglasses with seductive curved brow lines for a slim cat-eye look and wing tips for a trending feminine look.

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are another type of sunglasses that look great on oval faces. We recommend choosing a variety of simple, neutral colors. Like Oxford Square Wood Sunglasses, brown tone sunglasses go well with any look from casual to formal, and go well with an oval face! The neutral, earthy color and classic square shape complement the oval face and add elegance to the look.

If you want something more contemporary and contemporary, Hazel Square sunglasses are for you. They are the perfect accessory for men’s fashion. This square frame is handcrafted from walnut wood. In addition, a slim gold-tone metal temple and a water drop-shaped protruding nose add a retro sensibility. This lightweight frame with gradient brown polarized lenses is perfect for an oval face like yours.

Geometric Sunglasses

If you have an oval face, you need sunglasses with a geometric angle. It emphasizes the angular jawline and blends perfectly with the facial features and structure. Shade squared sunglasses are perfect for this look! These rectangular flat top sunglasses will flatter your face than any other pair of glasses! We also recommend trying out different geometric or angled sunglasses and choosing the one that best suits your style!

Geometric sunglasses are, by far, the most versatile in terms of frame shape. You don`t have to stick to one classic shape. You can go all out with geometric frames. There are a lot of choices and each choice will speak to you in a different way like the Daze sunglasses. They are designed with a slim silver metal, a curved bridge and alluring Walnut Wood arms. If you’re looking for an eye-catching pair of frames, this eye-catching and stylish frame is the perfect match. Daze dark gray polarized lenses are perfect for a day out in the sun.

Bold Oversized Sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are the most versatile in terms of frame shape. You don’t have to stick to one classic format. You can all go out with a geometric frame. There are many different options, like Daze sunglasses, and each choice turns out to be different. It features thin silver metal, curved legs and attractive walnut temples. If you’re looking for an eye-catching pair of frames, this eye-catching and stylish frame is the perfect match. Daze dark gray polarized lenses are perfect for a day out in the sun.

If you have an oval face, choose eye-catching sunglasses that can focus your eyes on the glasses rather than emphasizing your face shape. For a trendy, flattering look, oversized or oversized sunglasses are the perfect choice!

Round Sunglasses

If you have an oval face shape, round sunglasses will look good on you because they balance the angular jawline and make your face look slimmer. It’s a good idea to choose a frame that fits the length and width of your face with a slim, unobtrusive contour like Lennon’s round sunglasses.

Another way to accentuate the features of the oval face is to use colored frames to draw attention away from the shape of the face. No matter what color sunglasses you wear, your attention will be focused on the shape and color of the sunglasses rather than your face, creating a flattering and balanced overall look.

Dsquared Sunglasses

Dquared sunglasses are another great option for an oval face. An important thing to know when choosing sunglasses is to choose a shape that adds angles to balance the shape structure of your face. You can check out the different styles of Dquared frame glasses and choose the one that suits you best. The

The masculine Challenger Dframe sunglasses are perfect for an oval face and go great with any outfit, whether it’s a field trip, a beach walk or an afternoon cocktail party!

Browline Sunglasses

If you have an oval face shape, rimless sunglasses can be the perfect choice. The browline frame can also add elegance and refinement to the overall look and enhance the facial structure. These types of frames tend to be more versatile for all face types.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

If this is your first time shopping for sunglasses, it would be better to stick to a basic look. Did you know that you should have classic black shoes that go anywhere in your wardrobe? The Clubmaster frame features ebony temples and an adjustable nose pad for optimum comfort and fit. With dark gray polarized lenses, this frame looks great on an oval face.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Our final pick is a fan favorite, and the Wayfarer shape is perfect for oval face shapes. What’s more, it provides maximum style effectiveness with optimum comfort and protection for long hours in the sun.

The truth about face shapes is that no one has a perfect oval, heart, round, square or other defined face shape. Most faces combine a variety of shapes, including a high forehead and round chin, angular features and a pointed chin. Because each person is unique, it is impossible to apply the same style recommendations to everyone.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if your chin is a little sharper than a “normal” oval, or your forehead is slightly wider than a “typical” inverted triangle, they’re basically the same shape. These are all just guidelines and guidelines to help you decide how your sunglasses should balance and harmonize with your facial features. This is not a “rule of thumb”.


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