Best Sunglasses for Round Shaped Faces

Finding the best sunglasses for your round shaped face can be challenging. But it’s not impossible.People with round faces have several options to choose the shape of their sunglasses.

Contrast and balance can be achieved with an angled square frame or a frame with wide rises.

Some people advise against wearing oval or round frames as it can make your features look rounder. However, some people prefer to emphasize natural features with curves in the frame.

Round Face
  • Rectangular and Square 
  • Cat-Eye
  • Wayfarer and Clubmaster
  • Oversized
  • Geometric
  • Aviators/Navigators

If you aren’t sure if you have a round face, let’s go over what makes up a round face.

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Best Frame Shapes for Round Faces:

People with a round face shape generally prefer sunglasses with angled lines. However, some shapes can accentuate smooth curves.

Here are six of the most popular frame styles for round faces:

 Rectangular and Square Sunglasses

Rectangular and square frames create contrast and add sharp angles to accentuate facial features.

Rectangular and square frames create contrast and add sharp angles to accentuate facial features.

 Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are one of the most popular options for women. The raised line outlines the round ball and creates a “lifting” effect.

With cat eye frames you can choose for angular or rounded edges. Most people with round faces choose the angular option for a perfect fit. The effect is a trendy, vintage look.

Wayfarer and Clubmaster Sunglasses

The Wayfarer and Clubmaster frames were popularized by RayBan and are classic eyewear choices. A versatile retro design that can be paired with a casual or formal look.

Round faces tend to look best in wayfarer or clubmaster frames that have long temples and a flatter browline.

Oversized Sunglasses

Its soft, rounded shape makes it the perfect canvas for large, bright frames. Plus size frames are a popular choice for people with round faces and creative flair. Feel free to experiment with large, bold frames and bright colors until you find the perfect match.

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric shapes are another fun way to express your creativity. Available in all sizes. An angled shape, such as a hexagon, creates a contrast similar to square and rectangular frames, but with a slight twist.

Aviators/Navigators Sunglasses

The Aviator is one of the most popular sunglasses styles. People with round faces like how to show the full cheeks. Others choose the navigator frame.

The aviator frame has a more rounded bottom, while the navigator has a straighter bottom and is more square in shape.

Examples of Round Faces with Sunglasses


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